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How Does The Program Work?

Is the discount card really free? Does it actually work? Find out all you need to know about the card and how it all works.

What is the Discounts at the Pharmacy Prescription Savings Program?

Our program provides prescription discounts with a savings of up to 75% on all FDA approved prescription medications. There are no forms to fill out; all you have to do is present your card to the pharmacist to receive pre-negotiated discounts on generic and name brand prescription drugs.

How much does the discount program cost?

The Discounts at the Pharmacy Prescription Savings Program is provided completely FREE to anyone who can benefit from the savings. Even if you have prescription drug coverage through your employer or insurance provider, odds are you know someone (whether it is a family member or friend) that can benefit from the prescription savings card. 

What is the catch? How can it be provided for FREE?

The Discounts at the Pharmacy program was created by a former Inc. 500 executive to assist those struggling with the high cost of prescription medications. There is no catch. We know that anything that sounds too good to be true usually is – our program is accepted at over 54,000 pharmacies throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The network pharmacies have contracted with our program to provide a discount on prescriptions because they are gaining new customers.

How Does the Discounts at the Pharmarcy Prescription Savings Card Work?

Simply present the card to the pharmacist at a participating pharmacy when dropping off your prescription and the pharmacist will run the RxGroup number, RxBIN number and your Member ID on the card to provide you the absolute lowest pricing. Don’t forget to check out our Tips for Maximizing Your Healthcare Dollars.

What kind of discounts will I receive with the prescription card?

Discounts at the Pharmacy will provide discounts of up to 75%, and sometimes more, off the retail price of your prescriptions. The discounts vary and depend on the type of drug you are prescribed and the pharmacy you visit. Check out our Pharmacy Search to find the pharmacy in your area that has the lowest price. Should the retail price be lower than our discounted rate – the customer will always receive the lowest price!

Who can use the Prescription Savings Card?

Everyone with limited or no prescription drug coverage can benefit from FreeRxPlus. Instead of paying full retail price for medication, card holders can save up to 75%, while the average savings is 35%. Even if you are already have insurance, the discount card can often supplement your insuance by providing discounts on medications that are not covered by their health plan or provide a lower cost than your health plan for many generics. Senior citizens enrolled in Medicare can also use the program when they are in the “doughnut hole”.

What pharmacies accept the Discounts at the Pharmacy card?

There are over 54,000 pharmacies throughout the United States and Puerto Rico that accept pharmacy assistance card. All major chain pharmacies (including CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens) and most independent pharmacies accept the program. We recommend you check out our Pharmacy Search to find pharmacies in your area.

What medications are covered by FreeRxPlus?

ALL FDA approved brand and generic prescription medications are covered by FreeRxPlus. No limitations and no exclusions! Currently we do not offer any discounts on over the counter (OTC) items.

What are the restrictions to FreeRxPlus?

There are no restrictions, eligibility, activation, or enrollment necessary. Every Discounts at the Pharmacy card is active and ready to use at the pharmacy the day you print it out.

Can I compare drug prices over the internet?

Yes, and we recommend that you use our Pharmacy Search tool so that you can compare costs before visiting the pharmacy. You can price your medication at every pharmacy to find the best available price, you can also see how Pill Splitting can save on average 50% on your medication costs.

What if my pharmacist said the card would not save me any money?

As a Discounts at the Pharmacy Card cardholder, you are entitled to the absolute lowest price at the pharmacy. Your pharmacist will not know what the card savings will be until the prescription is sent to us for pricing via the pharmacist's computer. If your Pharmacist does not want to comply with the program, you should consider going to a pharmacy that honors the card. In 80% of previous transactions, the price will be significantly lower than any retail or sale price you would receive without the card. If a brand name or generic drug is available through your participating pharmacy at a lower price than the scheduled price, you will always pay the lower of the two prices.